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Clear, concise, powerful visual data, analysis and presentation.

Data doesn’t have to be a pain or expensive – it should be your best tool for planning, understanding success and challenges and getting your message out.

You need effective tools, like visual analytics, social/dynamic network analysis, outcomes mapping and effective presentation design; and a capacity to use data effectively.
Visual Data and Analysis: I recommend visual analytics for exploring and understanding any kind of data, tracking key performance, and results and trends and for optimal-impact data/issue presentation.  This is probably the major growth area in the field of business intelligence and is a powerful tool for any organization.  Professional presentation design further increases the impact of visual data analysis and your key message.

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Social/Dynamic Network Analysis and Qualitative Analytics: As a complement to visual analytics, I have begun working with clients using social/dynamic network analysis techniques, to uncover and understand social networks and chains of cause, influence and effects, including simulation of policy effects. I have also added qualitative analytics (using state of the art NVivo software), to bring out and clearly present the themes buried in speeches, briefings etc.






Data Capacity Building: My work has often centered on facilitated program/process logic and outcomes mapping and design of related measures. Often, however, clients need to build their capacity to use data.  I can help define requirements (for the client’s needs, not the software/”enterprise system” vendor’s), design small organization-scale electronic form-based data collection and sharing systems and provide support/training/ capacity building for effective data analysis and presentation.  Cloud based connections using Tableau Online allow you to see, work with and update your data displays and dashboards at any time.  Publication-grade graphics make for more effective communication with your clients, stakeholders and funders.

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Global Measures Initiative: I am pleased to have recently joined with the Global Measurement Initiative, of Social Asset Measurements Inc., Toronto, as an Advisor.  I help to guide GMI clients through the steps of Social Return on Investment analysis, in order to define and measure their outcomes in terms of return on investment. 

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I am a long term policy wonk/evaluator type who has turned to the importance of making data more useable to everyone.

Recent business intelligence and visual data analytics  clients have included the National Research Council of Canada, The Agency for Co-operative Housing (Ottawa), the United Way of Calgary  and Area, and Human Services Alberta.

I have studied with leaders in the area of visual data analysis and communication (Stephen Few, Berkeley CA) and professional presentation design (Duarte Design, Mountain View CA); and built capabilities with leading tools for visual data analysis, including Tableau, the leading data visuals tool in existence, and tools for social network analysis. I’ve also consolidated my experience with group facilitation through training from Intersol Group, Ottawa. 

 Since 2007 I have also provided consulting services on outcomes, performance measurement and evaluation for clients including the National Research Council (Industrial Research Assistance Program), HRSDC, DFAIT, City of Toronto, City of Ottawa, Justice Canada, Industry Canada, Environment Canada and Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, among others.

I have led policy research and planning for major government relations and communications activities at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, working closely with the late Jack Layton and mayors and councillors from across Canada.  We were successful, in particular, in restoring the federal government’s activity in supporting affordable housing – and what a learning experience in communicating.

A member of the International Association of Business Communicators, American Evaluation Association, Social Return on Investment Network International and a number of other associations,  I started with an M.A. in economics from York University and cannot believe how long ago that was. I also have great friends and associates who can help you with pretty much whatever I can’t!

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